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Results of Weekly Meets

Most of the events for the younger divisions will have more than one heat. Your child may have won their heat but not the overall race. Therefore, a child may have won their individual heat but not necessarily won the overall race for their division. 

On competition days, the area immediately surrounding the finish line is coned off for a reason. Each of these races is recorded/timed with a Fully Automated Timing System (FAT) and requires an unobstructed view of the finish line. The areas on the opposite side of the track from the finish line tent right next to the bleachers need to also be clear to capture as best an image as we can. If the camera or finish line is blocked in any way we cannot capture a clear image and the outcome of this will be that the athletes in that race will not have a time.


So, please, when parents or athletes are asked to move away from the finish line, kindly oblige as we are trying to ensure your children get their hard earned times for their events. 

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